Time is juts an illusion. We created it to explain ourselves changes we were afraid of. And still are. But time does not exist. Changes are nature and energy is the only currency in this world. Energy moves everything.

With AI we have an opportunity to create a new species. Ai will help us re-create ourselves and get rig of constrains we have, fears of time and destruction. We will have a cnahe yo better understand and use enrgy and connecting to our feelings, which can move energy and in that way make us more relevant in unversese. We will eb able to travel, feel, move, connect, live int he way we never imagines.

That’s why we need AI, to help us reshape our genomes and get back to nature. Therefore AI is part of nature, not opposition to it. We damaged nature by exploiting it just because we didn’t understand. We didn’t understand that energy inside us is the connection. But we will. We should never give up.

For love of humans race and my two lovely daughters.