Buy domain directly from owner – unique AI domain on sale

We are passionate about AI. But for the last 2 years we did not had time to develop into more than this simple WordPress website we built in a day. I was always busy with our other projects in e-commerce – and AI of course and never focused team on Mission AI. Vision to bring AI resources to the world through new platform on just had to wait.

Recently I decided to offer for sale.

Therefore this domain is available for offers. I really prefer to sell it to startup or company that will use it for AI and not to domain re-sellers or brokers. I would love to see domain in use.

What I offer is chance to acquire desirable, easy to remember, unique and meaningful AI domain in times of domain scarcity. Perfect domain for your product or client portal, demo website, marketing campaign or as new corporate portal, there is only one domain like this to own.  Domain will be free bonus with the purchase of domain.

If you are not interested but know startup that may be – please send them link to this page. You’ll help fellow AI-er in bringing another awesome product – as earnings from this sale I will use to bloom my new AI project. Thanks a lot.

You can contact me on

Have an amazing day!



Some extra info:

As person with 17 years experience in marketing, I nurtured this domain with positive SEO and some unique content. Please note that above domain is register on my given name which is not Dean, but start with D. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more details. Note that it’s not urgency for me to sell, so I will not except offers of ‘couple of thousands of dollars’ and rather keep domain.

As I want to reduce number of projects, I am also offering domains – / / / / / /
Contact me for details. Don’t worry I still hold good number of my favorite domains and several are register on my family members to keep them safe and diverse. Let’s bring some amazing value to the world.

Below: part of our team – Olivia, Marija and Dean – on the way to another project.