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We are currently working on the biggest resource for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Goal is to list all startups, products, businesses and tools that can be used. One-stop-shop for artificial intelligence. Currently we are collecting resources which will be available next week, by end of July 2016. So sign up for mission.ai newsletter and we will let you know when everything is ready. Enjoy.
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eCommerce & Retail

We think people should not manage online shops. Too much data. 1.6B shoppers online right now. Few thousands online shops. Online sales growth of 17% and more. $1.7T on sales globally. And people should manage that? It’s just data. Lot of data. Changing fast. Perfect job for Artificial Intelligence. From Amazon to Alibaba and Google, everyone keep… Read More about “eCommerce & Retail”

Finance – Artificial Intelligence in Fintech

Artificial Intelligence gain its popularity in finance industry very early. Trading today happen in nanoseconds and it’s not possible for any trader to react on those changes in the market. Luckily we teach our computers not only to assist us in trading, but to make decision and trade instead of us. And even better than us. Financial industry is increasingly managed by ,,, Read More about “Finance – Artificial Intelligence in Fintech”

Automotive – Artificial Intelligence in transportation & motoring

Startups are deeply into motoring. Artificial Intelligence will for sure takeover our transportation needs. Actually there are some related industries where their rule. Once you are up in the air you should remember though 98% of your flight autopilot will control plane, not pilot. And pilot are highly trained. Not like us… Read More about “Automotive – Artificial Intelligence in transportation & motoring”

Healthcare – Artificial Intelligence and our health

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is already very present. Everyday we use fitness tracking apps and analyze our performance. Sending details and notes to our doctors. Doctors use advanced technologies to prepare better diagnoses. We can heal faster with advance technologies and proactive therapies. Our everyday life will kept being improved by use of … Read More about “Healthcare – Artificial Intelligence and our health”

Startups – Artificial Intelligence startups around the world

Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for sure stands with startups. Their are the ones we expect to push the limits and challenge our views. But where is the limit? No, I don’t see limit in innovation, I think about limit when we will stop innovating and AI will replace us on this field too. As Facebook recently concluded… Read More about “Startups – Artificial Intelligence startups around the world”