Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for sure stands with startups. Their are the ones we expect to push the limits and challenge our views. But where is the limit? No, I don’t see limit in innovation, I think about limit when we will stop innovating and AI will replace us on this field too. As Facebook recently concluded – building AI is hard, so better build Ai that will build AI. While many see apocalyptic scenario such as in Terminator movies, for sure many, such as Eric Schmidt, will dismiss those views.

If you are sitting in office anywhere in Silicon Valley or Berlin, I will remind you that you are NOT in center of innovation. South Korea is the most innovative market and culture by many researches. Smaller countries such as Slovenia in Europe can produce interesting solutions in AI and even lead the field. While global personalities such as Min-Sung Sean Kim will are improving ecosystem on many levels, from Berlin to US and Asia.

Investment rounds in Artificial Intelligence industry are also higher, as well done products can be quickly challenge and disrupt industries. For this reason we will see more and more startups from less popular epicenters coming into AI in wish to attack global markets. For sure this is very welcome as we will exchange and learn together with some bright minds that were otherwise neglected if innovative in just small local industries. If you are in Artificial Intelligence – you have to look for global startups.

Here are a few of most interesting startups in Artificial Intelligence we collected from around the world.

>> List of startups & news coming next week!

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