We think people should not manage online shops. Too much data. 1.6B shoppers online right now. Few thousands online shops. Online sales growth of 17% and more. $1.7T on sales globally. And people should manage that? It’s just data. Lot of data. Changing fast. Perfect job for Artificial Intelligence.

From Amazon to Alibaba and Google, everyone keep our online and shopping preferences in gigantic data banks. With so many shopping options and disposable income constant increase for over 5 years, it’s no surprise that everyone in eCommerce and retail use AI.

Most common uses for retail and eCommerce are re-targeting, product recommendation and inventory management. There are 3 robots tested in retails location through US.

eCommerce and retail is disrupted right now. Here are the main players, from startups to big players, making all our wishes come true. Shopping it is.

>> List of startups & news coming next week!

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