Tesla autopilot may be the most wide knows use of Artificial Intelligence in motoring. From our communication to our own cars, to car to car communication, production and manufacturing, insurance and tracing driving habits. Motoring industry is very prone to use of AI. For good reason – people are not good drivers.

Startups are deeply into motoring. Artificial Intelligence will for sure takeover our transportation needs. Actually there are some related industries where their rule. Once you are up in the air you should remember though 98% of your flight autopilot will control plane, not pilot. And pilot are highly trained. Not like us ‘normal drivers’ that pass one small test 20 years ago.

There are some interesting questions arose lately in the industry. Recent unfortunate event involving Tesla Autopilot is raising questions and FDA still have to make their own recommendation. But also several author bring good moral questions on how will self-driving car react in case of possible accident and question should it steer into other people or sacrifice driver for others. Would you buy car with this feature? Below are a few opinions

Beauty of automotive industry is that market leaders, such as Porsche looking into our mobility options, not only manufacturing cars, but renting, leasing, car sharing, peer to peer and other options. When we add IOT and inter-connectivity that is so fully integrated with our everyday life, its clear to see that AI will manage our transportation needs. Yes, it will take a few years, but you will have a great nap on your way to work. I am sure that while vehicles are more automated, also seats will become more like a really comfy sofa. It makes sense.

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