eCommerce is built on huge amount of data about products and rapidly changing customer demand. Followed by numerous repetitive tasks to trying to catch demand and react with the best possible match in product offering (product, brand, quality, price). This is NOT job humans should do. Intelligent machine can and should.

Next time you are on flying to a conference or for a holiday, have a look at pilot. He will not flight the plane. Through your flight, 98% of your trip, autopilot will control the plane, not pilot. We believe that this computer can look at larger amount of data, react faster and more precise than highly trained person like pilot. We already trust computer with our lives, so it’s time to let them take-over other tasks in our everyday life.

We use artificial intelligence  to accelerate genome research.  Autonomously drive our cars. Predict patterns in agriculture. Manage online shops. But we just started. This website – MISSION.AI – will bring better understanding of how to utilize power of artificial intelligence in current industry processes. 

Let’s connect startups, innovative business and industry. Join us.

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Industry application of AI

Mission.AI goal is to connect businesses and startups or established companies with Artificial Intelligence products. Our vision is that use of AI in industry can greatly improve quality of life for everyone. Start by looking at resources in your industry below.

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