Who said startups? We don’t consider young innovative companies startups, by us they are the leaders of the new revolution. Here are Artificial Intelligence companies that currently rocking and growing.

A few that you should know for sure. This is just a quick overview. Next week we’ll post the whole list by categories.



H2o is interesting Artificial Intelligence startup offering solutions across many industries. H20 are behind their platform H2O which is open source machine learning platform. H2O can be used with R or phyton to build applications and data products. Used by Cisco and PayPal its hard to call h2o startup, but Mountain View company started only in 2011 and raised over $33M till now. Investors




Seldon is open source platform focused on increasing engagement and profit for companies in eCommerce, finance, CRM, insurance, media, advertising. Spark and hardoop are supported and company is focused on prediction and recommendation. London based company started in 2011, while in 2015 published new version of their open source platform.




Sigopt is APi for machine learning and simulation. Its strong API with easy integration that allow for fast crunching of data. Its used form individuals and students to enterprise companies. Banking, insurance, trading, CPG or technology acceleration are in focus. Quick and easy predictions with 30-days trial. Company was founded in 2014 and raised $2.12Min seed.




Productivity manage by AI. For sure your last week didn’t go well? Its time to give the chance to someone better – your AI powered to do organizer. Gluru is app that lives on your computer, tablet or mobile, learns form your apps and tools and help you do more through the day. From free account for individual to team pricing. London based company started in 2011 and raised $1.5M till now.




Famous X is well known personal assistant that schedule your meetings. Free, entertaining and easy to use, you just add amy@x.ai to your CC and she will do the rest of organizing meeting between the parties. New York based company raised $34.3 till now and for sure there will be big expectation from this startup with over 50 employees working together from 2014. Company started working with Microsoft Office as of recently.