It’s not usual for me to talk about my opinion before any or example facts, but I am very passionate about the role of AI in education. When my daughter was 4 years old we took her to her first class of ‘coding’. It was a task of creating a simple animation, kids game with drag-n-drop elements. She loved it and the young teacher was very nice, interactive and polite. Later, a friend asked me if I would teach her to code. Firm, no. I strongly believe that in 20 years there will be no coding. Not by humans that is. Therefore my little angel has her education focused on emotional intelligence, communications and art. Those are skills and values that I believe we will strongly need in the future to coexist with AI and machines. We, humans, have to keep what I would call ‘market advantage’ in the ecosystem of tomorrow. And we have only one chance in my opinion – our emotions.

Yes, education will change a lot in the years to come and mostly thanks to artificial intelligence. Pushed by fast changes in society, changes in environment and needs for specific skill sets, need for different aspects of learning will emerge too. Another important step is that AI will take not only coworking, and then co-living with us  – but one much more important task – learning with us.

We will develop our skills and learn our future trades in coexistence with AI. And we better start now, as we (humans) have a bad habit of not adopting very well on changes, as Robin Winsor would suggest in one of my favorite TED videos. Already today, AI has important roles in education, transforming the industry. From all sides adding artificial intelligence to classrooms or rather on our laptops while sitting in bedrooms or in the park – which ever will be the learning space of tomorrow.

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Century Tech

Century Tech provides AI solutions that can help teachers personalize learning for each student, saving hours needed for preparation of material and immensely improve how each student will acquire knowledge. Century Tech is a great example of co-working with AI, or co-learning and co-teaching with AI. 

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Aleks by McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Aleks by McGraw-Hill Higher Education is similar to Century tech, allowing students to learn at their own pace, and giving teachers a very easy and quick way to allow each young student for individual progress in learning. 

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When we look at how natural speech can help in education, Nuance is a great example of Ai tool that can improve the process for teachers and students. Nuance can listen to teachers and prepare material and transcribe it for sharing or translation as the simple example. Giving a natural text-to-speech will immensely change and improve learning on all levels, and therefore Nuance also focuses on companies and corporate training. 

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Alta by Knewton

Alta by Knewton – Alta can be the easiest explained as AI textbooks, and really it’s time to switch from multitasking from web search, to books, to writing notes, and moving to one AI tool that can give student comprehensive experience in learning.

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Cognii, is an interesting conversational AI  learning assistant, which can be the closest example as an AI teacher. Cognii can help students learn and come to a conclusion through conversations, just like teachers and therefore it’s really close to what’s future in the classroom will look like. Or rather when learning from anywhere, the classroom is not needed to learn from AI. They are still irreplaceable for social contacts and development, so I don’t think we should totally replace classrooms, but rather they should evolve after 100 years too. 

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Blippar AR demo teaching – we all learn and remember better is class is interactive, and Blippar comes there with AR and AI teaching abilities. Its tool is used in many demos, from Singapore Zoo to classrooms, scientist museums and companies. This is how lessons should look like – easy and interactive, quick and deep in understanding the core meaning of the lesson.

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In the end – here is an interesting tool for collective learning. Quizlet is a company using Ai to create interesting interactive quizzes that help everyone learn fast and in a more personalized way. We can see how easily Quizlet can improve by collection knowledge and adapt lessons based on the experience of millions of users. This is what we talk about in globalization of knowledge, where how we learn will be shaped by understanding on large scale what to focus on, how to optimize lessons and keep everyone up to date on the latest discoveries.  

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‘Take-home’ learning bonus

This is a free course by our favorite professor Dr, Andrew Ng, – Ai for everyone, available for free on Coursera and it’s an easy way to understand bases and focus in Ai in only a several hours. I did it myself and warmly recommend it to everyone, as there is mastery in easily explaining complicated concepts, something Dr Andrew Ng is great at.

Enjoy ‘right-now’ bonus

This bonus takes only 10 minutes, great talk from TEDx by Dr. Lara Boyd where she describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape how you learn and what you want to become with newly acquired knowledge.